Amex Bank of Canada

The Amex Bank of Canada is the financial institution that is a unit of the Amex Canada (American Express Canada) a company that was founded in Toronto in 1853. The Amex Express Canada is owned by the American Express company that is located in the United States.

Today, the Amex Canada company is headquartered in Ontario, though there is also an office located in the Hamilton area as well. The company staffs more than 3,000 employees to handle accounts and transactions. The Amex Bank of Canada was established as a bank in 1990, after much controversy by the Canadian government. This controversy was due to the fact that federal banking laws at that time would not have allowed the company to operate as a banking institution. The ruling was passed however, and the Amex Bank was allowed to begin banking operations.

The Amex Bank does offer a wide variety of services to clients, including private banking, RSP investment savings accounts, business investment savings accounts, term loans and other services. A great deal of their accounts are various credit card and corporate card accounts. Many customers enjoy the various membership rewards that come with an account with the Amex Bank Canada, including dining rewards and travel certificates that they may redeem after they earn enough points.

The Amex Bank of Canada is a registered member of the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation as well as the Canadian Bankers Association. They are also a member of the Aeroplan Rewards and Air Miles programs, which enable them to offer special rewards to their customers.

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