ATB Financial

The ATB Financial (Alberta Treasury Branches), popularly known as the ‘ATB’ is a full-service financial institution with its headquarters in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Established by the Government of Alberta in 1938, the ATB sought to extend basic financial services to the Albertans. In fact, its first branch was opened in the Rocky Mountain House on September 29, 1938 & it went on become a provincial Crown Corporation under the authority of The Alberta Treasury Branches Act, A-37.9, 1997 & Treasury Branches Regulation 187/97 in October 1997. The ATB Financial, a new corporate identity was opened in January 2002, which further confirmed their commitment to the people of the province.

The ATB operates under a board of directors, who are selected by the Lieutenant Governor General in Council. This financial institution has investments, liquidity & risk standards that are comparable to other financial institutions as well. The corporate governance of this institution includes the policies & the processes that are used to supervise the business & affairs of the corporation. While taking some decisions, special emphasis is given to the impact of the decisions other stakeholders including employees, customers & the community within which the institution operates. Thus, it establishes the expectation of the Shareholders & the authorities. This financial institution accounts for the transparency of its corporate governance practices & delivers useful information through broad communication channels.

The customer contact center for general inquiries, master card information services & internet banking help desk is available 7 days a week from 7a.m. to 11p.m. Again, the business internet banking help desk & e services support is available from Monday to Friday 7a.m. to 7p.m. Its regional offices are located in Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer, Grand Prairie & Lethbridge. It has three major memberships: the Canadian Payment Association, the Interac Association & Master card Canada. It has four networks: Interac, Albert Regional Network, NYCE & Cirrus.

The customers can make different of investments, like education plans, various kinds of savings schemes, single investment portfolio, fixed investments, compass portfolio, online brokerage service & so on. This financial institution offers its customers a host of other services to the Albertans.

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