Canadian Western Bank

Canadian Western Bank is one of the top premier banks in Canada, and is the largest publicly traded Schedule I charted bank that has it's headquarters in the Western Canada area. First chartered in 1982, Canadian Western Bank has grown into a large financial institution, with more than 30 branch locations and total assets of over $9 billion.

While CWB maintains offices in many locations in Canada, they primarily operate within British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. There are five Canadian Western Bank trust offices which are located in Toronto, Burlington, Calgary, Edmonton (where their Head Office is located) and Vancouver. Additionally, there are two insurance call centers to handle bank insurance assistance in Edmonton and Vancouver.

Canadian Western Bank has established many Association memberships which make it a prime choice among financial institutions, including memberships with the Canadian Bankers Association, Interac and the Canada Deposit and Insurance Corporation. Though Canadian Western Bank offers a large selection of personal banking services, they also specialize in mid-market commercial lending and they also offer many retail services as well.

While it is possible for anyone in the world to become an account holder with Canadian Western Bank, they do require that you open your account in person at one of their branches. Many customers feel it is worth their while to travel to open their account, as CWB offers a large selection of personal banking options such as deposit accounts, mortgages, personal loans and more.

One of the main benefits that customers find in dealing with Canadian Western Bank is the exceptional customer service and personal attention that they receive from bank staff and administration. Though widely acclaimed, CWB is a rather small institution, with only 1200 employees on staff. Their smaller size allows them to more easily ensure that are able to provide the service that account holders have come to expect when doing business with them.

With the many services that Canadian Western Bank offers, as well as the exceptional personal service that the bank offers account holders, CWB has been able to build a lucrative financial industry that benefits everyone involved with the company.

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