CIBC Investor's Edge

The CIBC Investor's Edge is the online discount brokerage arm of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, one of the major domestic banks in Canada. The broker is simply a subsidiary branch of the main bank, working independently on promoting and implementing the groupís various investment services under its own brand, keeping the abbreviation of the main bankís name.

The firm offers several accounts to customers that allow them to invest by themselves or use various savings accounts where the bank invests the savings on their behalf for fair returns. Fees and commission are charged, but it simplifies the whole investment process in to one online system possibly saving money in the long run.

The numerous accounts on offer include regular investment accounts such as the Cash Account, Margin Account, Options Account or Premium Edge accounts, which offer full control for the customer, and savings accounts such as locked retirement accounts for when you get older and education savings plans for the future of your children.

There are many other tools and services that come as part of the online interface, helping you to make easy and informed decisions. These include things like stock portfolio management, personal support, information databases, real time quotes and updates, calculators, amongst other helpful features.

Commissions and fees are in line with most of the other major Canadian brokerage companies, charging $7.90 per trade. If over 50 transactions are made in one year you will then only be charged a low $6.95 each time.
The CIBC Investor's Edge uses its service as mainly an expansion of the main bank, primarily targeting current customers, although everybody is welcome. A perk of already holding a bank account with the group is that you can transfer funds easily online between each service at the click of a button.

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