Citibank Canada

The Citi Corporation is a world wide institution, and has been established in the Canadian area for more than 50 years. With more than 6 million accounts and over 5,000 employees located throughout every province in the country, Citi is a leader in the industry of banking in Canada.

Citibank Canada offers a large selection of services to Canadian residents including the Citibank franchises, CitiFinancial, Citi Cards Canada, Citi Global Markets and more. Citibank Canada offers many different account choices for those looking for both personal banking and corporate and investment banking as well.

Those that join Citibank Canada's personal banking system have the opportunity to choose from services that can meet most all of their personal financial needs. From banking accounts to personal loans, Citibank Canada offers services in every area. There are even many options available as to how you can do your banking, including banking at a banking centre, automated telephone banking, online banking, POS and ABM's as well. For those individuals that are looking for a banking institution that can provide for all of their needs, Citibank Canada certainly fits the bill with the wide array of banking options they have available.

For those in the corporate industry, Citibank Canada offers business accounts that can handle all of your business needs. With their global system in place, corporate banking has never been easier. As with the personal banking accounts, Citibank offers Canadian corporations a selection of accounts and services that will meet the needs of almost any company, big or small. For large corporations that fall within the Fortune 2000, Citibank Canada offers commercial cards and purchasing card programs that can benefit your business, however you must have an existing Citibank global relationship in order to qualify.

These are just a few of the services that Citibank Canada has to offer to it's customers. There are many more that have made Citibank Canada one of the top choices for a banking facility in the country. Customers feel safe knowing that Citibank has built a solid reputation in the commerce industry, and have proven themselves as efficient and reliable. With a solid reputation and so many services available, it is no wonder that Citibank Canada has grown to the size it has today, and will continue to grow.

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