CTC Bank of Canada

The CTC Bank of Canada is a Schedule II, foreign subsidiary of Chinatrust Commercial Bank Limited, with its primary business presence in Taiwan. Chinatrust Commercial Bank is a private institution reported to be the largest and most profitable private bank in all of Taiwan, with assets of 1.59 trillion.

For a relative newcomer to the banking industry, Chinatrust Commercial bank has created a worldwide presence with massive assets and earnings. Chinatrust Commercial Bank was first established in 1966, in Tapei, China as Securities Investment

Corp, that evolved into Chinatrust Financial Holding Co. in 2002, that resulted in the bank becoming a wholly owned unit through a share swap transaction. Through the next few years, the bank merged and acquired other Chinese banks, with most recently merging with Chinatrust Bills Finance Corp.

Markets and Services

The CTC Bank of Canada operates three branches, in British Columbia in Vancouver, Burnaby and Richmond, with 142 domestic branches and 3,967 ATMs throughout Taiwan. The Vancouver office serves as its main Canadian branch. The bank's major market area remains in Taiwan, Republic of China. It also operates seven foreign branches, and four oversees subsidiaries, which includes CTC Canada. Chinatrust Commercial Bank's main headquarters are located in Taipei, China with 7,749 employees, and recently reported earnings of $11.102 billion, the Chinatrust Commercial Bank is poised for expansion and growth through the next ten years. The CTC Bank of Canada offers business, retail and international banking services for its customers. These services include, CAD and USD term deposits, checking and savings accounts, business and personal loans, commercial and personal mortgages, construction financing, domestic and foreign guarantees and letters of credit. The bank is a member of CDIC and CDA.

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