J.P. Morgan Bank Canada

J.P. Morgan Bank Canada first established its presence in the Canadian investment banking market in 1965, with a small representative office in Toronto. J.P. Morgan obtained a Schedule II, foreign subsidiary license in 1981. Since that time, this high profile brand firm of investment banking and wealth management services has grown and merged to become part of Chase Manhattan Bank, posting revenues in the billions. J.P. Morgan Bank is a member of the CBA, but not the CDIC, as investments are not federally insured.

J.P. Morgan Bank is an American institution that first started doing business as an investment bank in 1895 as Drexel, Morgan & Co, and has gone on to become a moneyed power house in the financial services arena. The recent merger with Chase Manhattan Corp in 2002, created J.P. Morgan Chase & Co, which in turn merged with Bank One Corp. in 2004, retaining the name J.P. Morgan Chase. The financial services and investment-banking brand stayed with J.P. Morgan, with the wealth management services partially merged into J.P. Morgan Chase. The credit card operations remain with the Chase brand in Canada and the United States.

Investment Bank Services

With offices throughout Canada, a recent posted revenue of 116.353 billion and a total of 180,667 employees for J.P. Morgan Chase, the investment banking services of J.P. Morgan are backed with financial, institutional, and human capital like no other investment bank in the world. Its services are not for the typical ING Direct, customer. J.P. Morgan boasts to having a substantial clientele with individuals listed on the Forbes lists of the top billionaires and wealthiest people in the world.

J.P. Morgan Bank's typical clients include the likes of, multinational corporations, governments across the world, worldwide financial institutions, hedge funds, banks and wealthy individuals. The range of services provided by J.P. Morgan is extensive, with worldwide operations and a large group of workers with treasury expertise. It offers extensive financial services in the areas of asset management, commercial banking, investment banking, private banking, securities services, and treasury services. With over $15 trillion in assets available from J.P. Morgan Chase, J.P. Morgan investment bank services can accommodate, whole countries, corporations and small business and regional banking institutions.

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