MBNA Canada Bank

MBNA Canada Bank arrived in the Canadian banking market in Ottawa, in 1997 as a Schedule II licensed bank with memberships in the CBA and CDIC. The MBNA bank is a U.S. based bank that is the largest issuer of credit cards in the world, with operations in Spain, the United Kingdom, Ireland, as wells as Canada and the United States.

MBNA Bank was recently purchased by the colossal, Bank of America Corporation that serves 59 million customers, at 6,100 locations, and is the lender of the most SBA small business loans in the United States. The MBNA Bank retained its brand as a leading issuer of Master Cards and benefiting from the Bank of America's large customer base and assets.

Credit Cards and Affinity Marketing

MBNA Canada has become the largest issuer of Master Cards in Canada, since its relatively short time in the Canadian banking market. MBNA Canada employees 1,657 people in Canada with a sprawling headquarters in Ottawa, a large facility in Montreal and two small offices in Regina and Winnipeg. It recently posted revenues of $576 million. The headquarter facilities in Ottawa are expansive offering such services to its employees as, full service fitness facility with instructors, employee cafeteria, nursing facilities for new mothers and medical services to name a few. MBNA Canada is recognized as a good place to work in Canada by employees.

MBNA Canada, are masters of affinity marketing techniques, to recruit endorsements from organizations, credit union, sports teams, charities, financial and educational institutions for its Master Cards. To date, it has successfully secured the endorsement of 5,000 organizations for its Master Cards. MBNA aggressively markets its Master cards through direct sales, telemarketing, Internet, point of sale and many others, no doubt, about to be created in the near future. With its leadership in the credit card industry, successful affinity marketing techniques and highly rated work environment, MBNA Canada will remain an important member of Canada's banking industry.

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