Mizuho Corporate Bank (Canada)

The Mizuho Corporate Bank Canada is newly arrived to the corporate banking market in Canada. Mizuho Corporate Bank just recently started operating in Toronto and Richmond, BC in 2007 as a Schedule II, foreign subsidiary of Mizuho Corporate Bank, Ltd, based in Tokyo Japan. Mizuho, Tokyo is itself a new comer, just recently formed in 2002 as a result of a merger between, Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank, LTD, Industrial Bank of Japan, Ltd and Fuji Bank, Ltd.

Its focus is on soliciting clients from companies listed in foreign exchanges in the first section, public financial institutions, overseas companies and all financial services at a global level. In other words, Mizuho Corporate Bank. Ltd. has its sights set on a worldwide presence to position itself in the global, financially lucrative investment banking markets. With a reported 1,070.9 billion yen in capital and 16 bank branches in Tokyo, and hundreds worldwide, its business plan seems to be working.

Corporate Bank Services

The Mizuho Corporate Bank Canada has two locations in Canada and is a member of CBA, but not CDIC, as it is an investment firm. Its financial products and services are extensive. It offers real estate and acquisition financing, syndication, securitization of assets, project financing and custody services. The Tokyo Company lends to the majority of Japanese companies that are listed on the stock exchange and that is the direction its Canadian division plans to pursue.

The Mizuho Bank Canada also offers all manner of trade and treasury services such as, derivative-related services, settlement foreign exchange, Yen clearing and custody services, supply chain management and EB services. Financial management services include, trust and investment management.

Mizuho Corporate Bank Ltd, of Tokyo, recently positioned itself to enter the next generation of global investment opportunities, by agreeing to ensure its clients engage in environmentally sound business practices. It agreed to comply with the Equator Principles created by the World Bank's International Finance Corporation. Mizuho, agreed to make sure that borrowers comply with environmental standards when constructing major infrastructure projects. The Maziho Bank Canada is positioned well to become a major player in corporate finance and lending on a global scale.

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