Pacific & Western Bank of Canada

Pacific & Western Bank of Canada, previously known as Pacific & Western Trust Corporation, was established in 1980. This innovative financial institution prides itself on providing unparalleled service and tangible benefits to it's customers and clientèle.

Pacific & Western Bank of Canada is rather unique, in that it is a branchless institution. By using a branchless method of banking Pacific & Western feels they are better able to process transactions using electronic transfers to move data more effectively and efficiently that other banks that choose to use the more traditional and well known branch network.

There is also another benefit to the branchless method used by Pacific & Western Bank, and that is by not having to pay overhead costs to maintain and run a branch office, Pacific & Western is able to offer loans and leases to customers at a lower price and pay much more attractive rates to those that choose to deposit with the institution.

Many people feel comfortable banking with Pacific & Western Bank of Canada due to the high level of experience of the bank staff, as well as the high reputation the bank has built for itself. Pacific & Western is Canada's 9th largest Schedule I chartered bank, and is also a member of the CDIC, or Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation, as well as the CMHC, or Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation.

Though Pacific & Western Bank of Canada offers a large selection of banking choices, they specialize in the area of lending to government organizations and investment grade corporations. They have built a reputation with those in these industries as providing exceptional service to their clients and working with them to provide exactly what the client needs to suit their particular situation.

From Public Sector Financing to Corporate Financing, to simple Registered Retirement Savings Plans and Guaranteed Investment Certificates, Pacific & Western Bank of Canada offers a service for you. If you want an innovative and efficient bank to do business with, Pacific & Western is a fine choice for your banking needs.

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