President's Choice Bank

For many Canadian residents, President's Choice Bank is the only option when it comes to quality banking. President's Choice Bank offers a large selection of accounts and services for their customers to choose from, and has a reputation as a stable and secure financial institution. These are just a few of the reasons why so many choose to do their banking with President's Choice Financial.

President's Choice bank is a branchless institution, which allows them to keep their overhead cost down and offer customers a higher level of service. By cutting the overhead costs of running traditional bank branches, President's Choice is able to offer “no fee” services to their customers, as well as higher yielding savings plan and low interest rate loans.

Even though the bank is a branchless institution, there are many options available for you to access your account when you bank with President's Choice. Many customers find the online banking system that is in place the most convenient way to do banking, including the direct deposit, bill payment and Interac Direct Payment options. You can also bank by phone, or by one of the many bank machines the institution has located throughout the country.

President's Choice Bank offers customers the option of using a personal finance manager program with their account that can better help you to control your finances, easy wire transfers and bank drafts and monthly statements that allow you to keep track of your accounts activity. The bank also offers a “PC Points” program, which allows you to earn points that you can redeem for prizes and awards when you bank and shop online.

With all of these services available, it is easy to understand why so many people choose President's Choice bank for their financial institution. From taking care of your daily banking needs to helping you with mortgage loans or mutual funds, President's Choice can help you with it all. With an experienced staff that values their customers, and services and products that will take care of almost any financial planning need, it's no wonder President's Choice is becoming one of the leading banking facilities in Canada.

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