Vancity (Vancouver City Credit Union), is currently the largest bilingual credit union in Canada, with more than 400 thousand members, 2500+ employees, and nearly $15 billion in assets held. The union was founded in 1946, making it the second oldest credit union in the province of British Columbia. Vancity is member-owned and operates with 61 branches spread throughout Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland. The company has been one of Canada's top 100 employers for more than half a decade, and is currently one of the top 50 employers in British Columbia. Vancity splits their products and services into two main divisions on their web site – MyMoney, and MyBusiness, both of which are discussed in the following overview.

The MyMoney section of the Vancity web site is devoted to personal banking products and services, which include bank, Visa, insurance, financial planning, investing, loans, and mortgages. Bank accounts offered by Vancity include personal checking, savings, youth, and seniors gold club (55 plus) accounts. All of these accounts can be applied for easily online and provide a free transaction card automatically. Individuals can use Vancity's account selector to choose the best account for their needs based on a variety of factors. Vancity also offers the following additional personal banking products and services: traveler's cheques, foreign exchange services, safety deposits, Equifax Credit Reports, and wire transfers.

The business banking sector of Vancity is split into three main diversion on their web site – banking, financing, and tools and & support. The standard business bank accounts offered by Vancity include independent business, full service business, self-service business, community service, business investment, and U.S. chequing and savings accounts. Specialty business accounts offered by Vancity include prime & custom, investment pool, trust, and special package accounts. Business cash management services offered by Vancity include payroll services, EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer), business Visa and MasterCards, Foreign exchange, and online business plus (which combine most of the aforementioned services into an all-inclusive package). Additional business services offered by Vancity include advisory form business specialists, and investments in the form of business term deposits.

A third section of the Vancity web site is devoted to their role in the community pertaining to the environment and the success of Canadian youth. Vancity is one of the only banks that issues their own environmentally friendly cards, which are known as “enviro-cards”. This card is part of a revolutionary product line called 'change products', which focuses on initiating change in the Canadian banking sector by making socially responsible investments, acting on climate change, and supporting new enterprises and entrepreneurs. Vancity also funds and operates a number of not-for-profit organizations in British Columbia that provide community business banking, financial education, grants, partnerships, and sponsorships to local institutions and organizations. The Vancity online library includes free information related to social enterprise, non-for-profit organizations, accountability, dealing with poverty, and relevant banking stories.

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