Bank of China (Canada)

The Bank of China in Canada has become a very popular banking institution. Offering both personal and commercial accounts for customers, Bank of China has many services that customers feel make this banking institution a wise choice.

The Bank of China is a world wide institution, with branches in 27 countries and regions. It is a company that is well known for offering efficient and quality services to it's customers, which is just one of the many reasons why so many choose to do business with this particular bank. It has been a Fortune Global 500 company for 16 years running, and has been the recipient of many awards by economic review boards.

One service that the Bank of China in Canada is well known for is the trade services that they offer. These services include letters of credit, back to back letters of credit, import and export collections under documentary credits, guarantees and standby letters of credit and more. They have even established a special package of services for those Canadian residents that do business with China called the CCBB service, which is the Canada-China Business Banking service.

For personal accounts, there are many services for you to choose from. The Bank of China in Canada realizes that each individual has different banking needs, so they have established a large selection of account choices so that you may choose the best account type for you. Just a few of the services that they offer for personal banking are personal interest bearing chequing accounts, personal passbook savings accounts and flexible term deposits.

A large part of the Bank of China Canada clientèle is the corporate industry. Bank of China also offers a selection of accounts for their corporate customers including chequing accounts, interest bearing chequing accounts, term deposits and premium term deposits. They also have a selection of loans services that are available for their corporate customers that offer competitive rates.

One of the main benefits that many customers find when doing business with the Bank of China in Canada is that they are able to have their financial accounts in Canadian dollars or US dollars. Many customers find this is extremely convenient, particularly for those with business accounts.

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