Desjardins Group

Desjardins Group is is the largest credit union association in north America, serving nearly 6 million members. The association consists of elven regional federations, which contain 536 locations throughout Manitoba, Ontario, and New Brunswick. Since its inception in 1900, the group has been able to amass more than $150 billion in assets and forty thousand employees. The Desjardins Group has more than twenty subsidiaries, which range from real estate services to insurance companies and brokerages. The group opened its first international branch in 1992 in Florida, and is currently expanding its operations into more than 50 different countries. The following information outlines the products and services offered by Desjardins group and their subsidiaries.

Personal Products and Services
Desjardins' personal line of products and services is split into 4 sectors loans,lines of credit & credit cards; accounts and related services; savings and investment; and insurance. The group offers personal loans, auto loans, mortgages, RRSP loans, and student loans, as well as VISA credit cards. Personal accounts offered by Desjardins include personal chequing, build-up savings, USD savings, high-yield savings, TFSA savings, enhanced investment, student strategic, and youth profit accounts. Investments offered by Desjardins group include, guaranteed investments, registered disability savings plan, education-related services, securities brokerage services, socially responsible investments, investments funds, retirements savings, permanent shares, and personal asset management. Insurance products and services offered by Desjardins group include auto, home, life, health, and disability, loan line of credit and credit balance, personal accident, and travel insurance.

Business Products and Services
Business solutions offered by Desjardins group include loans and financing, business insurance, transactional services, credit cards, cash management, asset management, merchant solutions, investments, international services, payroll and human services, trust solutions, member dividend services, and group retirement savings solutions. Desjardins also helps entrepreneurs and enterprises by simplifying business administration, enhancing business growth and progression, providing financial advisory, and offering solutions related to agricultural and health-related organizations and companies. For the aspiring business owner, Desjardins offers complete solutions designed to streamline the process of incorporating a successful business, and can continue to provide assistance in facilitating the growth of the business after it has been set up.

Desjardins Group Technology and Fraud Protection
The group is currently in the process of replacing all of their debit cards with chip cards, which will likely be the future of the credit and debit industries. Their web site utilize 128 bit encryption, state-of-the-art firewalls, digital certificates, and complex password verifications systems to keep customer safe during online banking transactions. Desjardins Group also offers comprehensive 100 & guaranteed fraud protection, that eliminates all liability in the event of fraudulent purchases. This service is offered at no charge to all members, and is included standard with all debit and credit cards. If a cardholder feels they have been a victim of fraud, they can simply call the Desjardins fraud protection hotline and they will not be liable for the fraudulent purchases.

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