TD Waterhouse

TD Waterhouse is a discount brokerage firm and a subsidiary branch of the Toronto-Dominion Bank, one of the top 5 major banks in Canada, with its headquarters aptly located in Toronto. The broker works independently on promoting and implementing the groupís various investment services under its own brand, keeping the abbreviation of the main bankís name. It acts as a middle man between customers and investments, offering them full control or various savings plans to utilize their investable money. The group offers several similar services overseas, including the United States.

Fees and commission are charged per transaction or trade, but it simplifies the whole investment process in to one online system possibly saving money in the long run and allowing anyone who may not know the ins and outs of investing a means of saving and making fair profits.

They offer all types of accounts, some giving you full control such as the cash or margin accounts or simpler savings type accounts such as retirement or education plans, also helping you to shelter from taxes at the same. There are also various business accounts or the personalized President's Account for the more informed investor. Extras such as insurance or mutual funds are also on offer.

On top of this the online interface offers tones of tools, features and information to help customers make a well educated and thought out decision in trade or saving options. These include things like alerts, calculators and customizable pages so you can manage your account they way you want to.

TD Waterhouse uses its service as an expansion of the main bank, primarily targeting current customers, although everybody is welcome. A plus of already having a bank account is that you can transfer money easily online between each service.

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