BNP Paribas Canada

Since 1961 BNP Paribas has been incorporated as a major banking institution in Canada. BNP has built a strong reputation in the Canadian area, and is considered today to be one of the largest foreign banking subsidiary in operation in the country.

The main office of BNP Paribas Canada is located in Montreal, however there are also branches located within Toronto and Vancouver as well. The operator of the bank, the BNP Paribas Group, has offices in more than 85 countries and staffs an impressive 168,000 employees world wide.

BNP Paribas Canada offers a large selection of services to it's customers, including accounts for corporations, private banking clients and small business owners. BNP works with their customers to ensure that they have the right account that will be best suited to their individual needs.

BNP not only helps it's clients to choose the right account, but they are also on hand to help manage your account and your finances to help insure that the management of your account, portfolio or other investments are successful. In the private banking field, BNP Paribas Canada helps with financial management, wealth management advisory and tax/estate planning, insurance and retirement and helping you to diversify your assets regardless of what they may be.

There are also many services available for those looking for corporate and investment banking as well. BNP Paribas Canada will help you to finance your business or expand your business. They will also help you to service your operation needs and manage your risks and assets to help to ensure that you r business runs smoothly and effective.

Unlike some major financial institutions, BNP Paribas is dedicated to the “little man.” You need not be a major corporation in order to benefit from the services of BNP. They have a selection of services available to small business owners as well that are looking for a bank service that can help to better manage their company. From help with retail banking to financial and operating leases, BNP Paribas Canada is there to help the small business owner make their business a success.

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