BMO Investor Line

The BMO investor line is one of the leading brokerage firms in Canada and acts as the discount brokerage arm for the Bank of Montreal (Canada’s fourth largest bank). It is in essence a middle man company owned by the bank under its own brand that represents the Bank to potential customers, promoting the various investment services that the bank has to offer. It primarily operates online and is renowned for its easy to use interface and system, making the customer to investor process a lot easier than if a customer sought out investment independently.

There are many investment opportunities on offer and the firm will work closely with the customer to offer a service tailored to their needs. These include buying and selling Canadian and US stocks, Canadian and US Corporate Bonds, Canadian and US T-Bills, Mutual Funds, New Issues, Canadian Savings Bonds, Strip coupon bonds and Commercial Papers. There are also many accounts on offer, from corporate to personal, as well as retirement income and savings accounts. Registered Retirement Savings Plan or RRSP accounts are becoming increasingly popular.

To help you make an informed decision and to aid you in whatever account or investment you decide to choose they offer a wide variety of additional information and services. These include things like stock news alerts, retirement planning and foreign exchange services to help transactions and investments.

Its main purpose is to get its current bank account holders to further their financial dealings with the group by helping them to become investors in the easiest way possible. Account holders can easily transfer cash between bank accounts and investment accounts online.
They show some of the lowest trade commissions, taking $25 per trade on below $100,000 and $9.99 after that.

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